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Teacher Spotlight: Ibiza Aguirre

I joined the The Village School of Naples because I was excited at the opportunity to work with innovative educational tools in a Christ-centered school. The focus on Christ skills and the diverse staff/faculty is definitely what sets TVS apart from other schools, in my view.

I believe that a key element in the foreign language classroom is keeping students motivated. My personal style of teaching brings enthusiasm, cultural elements, and technology into the classroom to increase learning motivation. Teaching my native Spanish language enables me to draw upon my own culture and personal experience as a foreign language learner. As an educator, I teach my students to effectively communicate with me in a new language and, perhaps more importantly, to gain an appreciation for another language and culture.

At The Village School of Naples, I am supported in my objective as a teacher - to motivate my students toward a level of independence where they develop a desire to learn and think for themselves. To reach this end, I rely upon many activities that involve a total physical response (TPR) by the students. Instead of just reading about salsa and listening to the music, my students dance the steps and sing the songs, engaging in the action as they learn both Spanish language skills and elements of Hispanic/Latino culture. Through active participation, students learn and form their own opinions and base of knowledge.

The STEAM-focused curriculum is innovative and students at TVS feel motivated to learn in a creative way. I define my approach to teaching foreign language as rationalistic since I encourage critical thinking and the desire to communicate effectively. In my quest to develop independent thinkers, I also strive to promote cross-cultural awareness and appreciation. A native of Puerto Rico, I try to bring as much of my culture into the classroom as possible.

Parents can rest assured in knowing that TVS is a caring, safe and loving environment with high educational expectations. Students at The Village School know that teachers care about then and strive to challenge them in a safe, fun and loving way.

To continue to develop and improve as a teacher, TVS provides me with a variety of professional development opportunities. This is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to teach outside of the box and incorporate different technological tools that make learning more fun!

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