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The DeLeo Family

The DeLeo Family
JD, Sara, Zakary and Arianna

Our family moved from Ohio last year and within a few months, we realized that our children needed a different school experience. When we found The Village School of Naples, we were impressed by all the aspects of the educational approach, but most of all - by the integrity of the school, staff and faculty.  

As newcomers to Naples, with no friends nor family, TVS was the exact environment my children needed to thrive. Zakary has become more independent, confident and expressive. And our daughter, Arianna, has become more creative, social and aware of how important it is to belong to a community of peers who care deeply about your well-being. Knowing that we all have been embraced with open arms by this wonderful family is something my husband, JD, and I are so grateful for.

In a short time, my children’s wings have emerged. They have developed close relationships with friends as well as their teachers. They are creative, independent thinkers whose imaginations are ignited by the freedom TVS has to share knowledge without being confined to teaching only to the test.

Ultimately, it was not one specific reason that we chose TVS. We love that our children are being taught strong moral principles, unity and wholeness. The small student/teacher class ratios, the  STEAM-centered curriculum, the outside-of-the-box, project based learning programs and the focus on Christ Skills attracted us to TVS, and continues to keep our family here.

Having both of my children together under one roof, and knowing that the teachers genuinely care about them and will go above and beyond for them is what I really love about the school. It truly is a Village where students are taught to be independent and confident human beings. Children in an environment like this are empowered to create specific goals and develop a path to achieve those goals. I believe TVS will help them go on to become successful, compassionate and ethical adults.

Sometimes it seems as though people are becoming more divided through anger, hate, fear and falsities. In a world that can be harsh, The Village School is a safe haven where children are known, nurtured, challenged and loved. TVS provides students with the insight and the power of the light that we all possess inside.