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Anna Egan - 12th Grade

What is your favorite thing about high school at TVS?

Freedom to be myself, to choose the kinds of classes I want to take. Like, whether you take biology or another science class. I also have freedom during the day to work on assignments. I appreciate the study spaces around the upper school. 


Do you have a favorite class?

Yes, photography with Mrs. Smith! I like taking pictures of plants. Photography class is so nice, because we get to walk around campus, take pictures, turn them in, and show our other classmates. We get to collaborate.


What are your plans for after TVS?

I’d love to go to Florida Southern. I want to study Exercise Science. Two of my dance teachers actually have that degree, I didn’t know that and was like ‘Whoa!’ I kind of want to be a personal trainer and help dancers, since I’ve been in that world for so long.