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When my family decided to move back to Florida, I was excited, but nervous. I had attended a large public high school in Texas and honestly, it wasn’t the best experience. There were thousands of kids and I never saw my friends - even our lunch periods were different and everyday felt the same. When my mom asked me to tour The Village School with her, I reluctantly went. It was summer break and I’d rather be fishing or relaxing by the pool.

The moment we entered the Upper School, I knew this was the place for me. The aeronautical engineering classroom was so cool with incredible technology dedicated for the students. I loved the new, modern feel of the school and when I learned about the small class sizes for how big the rooms were, I knew it would be a good learning environment. Little did I know that the teachers at TVS would actually care about me personally and later connect my hobbies and interests with the subjects they taught to make learning more meaningful to me. At my last high school, teachers were so busy they didn’t have time to know me personally and some didn’t seem to care.

The day before school started, I attended an orientation for new Upper School students and all incoming Freshman. It was a great introduction to the school and my new school mates. Over the next few weeks, I made friends with other students and spent more time with my orientation group as we prepared for a matriculation ceremony that introduced us to the student body. At the ceremony, the school’s leaders spoke about TVS values, Christ Skills and expectations. We signed oaths to be the best possible version of ourselves that day. Events like this create a positive atmosphere where students feel connected, safe and valued. At TVS, everyone speaks so nicely to each other, and we treat one another like family. Now, I have closer relationships with more friends than ever before.

School has been challenging, and there is a strong focus on college readiness. We are constantly attending college fairs, assemblies, seminars and having college visits. I know I am being well-prepared and I enjoy being involved in Student Government, Spanish Club, Maker’s Club, Yoga, Golf and Tennis. I feel confident that TVS is preparing me for a bright future, and happy that I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.