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Dean of Students Andrew Miranti


When my oldest child was in 1st grade, I dropped him off and picked him up each day at The Village School of Naples. I could tell that this school was a special place. At the time, I had been out of education for four years and missed it. I knew TVS was where I was supposed to be.

Today, three years later, my passion and love for education has been rekindled. The faculty and staff here are truly at the top of their game. They constantly seek to improve themselves, and the way in which faculty relate to students is unprecedented. This is important to me because my philosophy in life is to be the example, and to be better tomorrow than I was today.

TVS is not only a place that nurtures and cares for its students, it does the same for the faculty and staff and supports them in many ways, both professionally and personally.  A few examples of these support systems are: the Sunshine Committee - to pray for and comfort staff members during difficult times; ongoing faculty and staff professional development; special team building events; and other gatherings and TVS celebrations to build camaraderie.

TVS provides my children with a Christian-based education that is second to none. The STEAM curriculum is as student-driven and student-centered as it can possibly be. I believe this approach provides children the necessary foundation to become responsible, compassionate and successful adults. It is one of the main reasons my own children attend TVS. I am confident that The Village School of Naples is preparing students well for a bright future.

If you are a parent considering TVS, I would tell you that TVS is unique because each child can be themselves and teachers will do all that is within their power to ensure students have a rewarding experience. If you are a student considering TVS, I would tell you that whichever life path you choose, TVS will provide you with an excellent education to allow you to become successful, but even more, you will learn essential life values and be given the space to grow into the person you were meant to become.