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Mr. Blake Werab - MS Math Teacher

My goal in life, and for this school year, is to provide students a safe, judgement-free learning environment in which they can academically excel and have fun along the way. I think my students relate to me as well as they do because they know that I want them to enjoy every class, and that I am here to help them connect to the subject matter. I try to make sure the kids have as much fun learning as I do teaching. My classroom can be an entertaining place where we can laugh and play games, but we take learning seriously.

The STEAM-centered curriculum gives teachers freedom be innovative and interact in a way that is meaningful to students. We are not bound by teaching to tests and can create engaging classrooms where students feel their voices are heard. I was drawn to The Village School of Naples because of this unique learning environment and the future potential of the school. The school is growing and constantly seeking to improve the educational experience by focusing on the social-emotional needs of kids, as well as challenging them academically.

My fellow faculty members and I are passionate people and we put every ounce of effort into making a difference in the lives of our students. We strive to be remembered as the teacher(s) that believed in them and instilled the confidence they needed to go out and achieve their dreams.

TVS isn’t just a place where teachers work, it really brings out the greatness in people through its endless support and encouragement. I would tell a parent considering TVS that at our school, children are in the absolute best hands possible for them to thrive both social-emotionally and academically. I would say to any student who may be looking to join the TVS family that this school is a special place where teachers, like me, will do everything possible to help you succeed in every aspect of your life. We have fun, we care and we are here for you.