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Ms. Chastity Rivera- MS Science Teacher

Meet our 💥NEW💥 to the MS science classroom, but not new to TVS, Chastity Rivera! We are so excited about her new role. 
What is your favorite thing about your subject?
“Science is the tool we use to understand the world around us and gives us a path to find solutions. Through science, my students get to challenge the status quo and become innovative thinkers. Science is also very adaptable to different learning styles and interests which allows for flexibility and lots of fun! I have the opportunity to witness student's imaginations turn into possibilities and as a teacher, I feel that nothing can top that.”
Do you have any pets?
“I adopted a senior cat last fall. It was amazing to see him adapt and attach himself so quickly to my daughter and I. He was pretty sick when we first got him, but a trip to the vet and lots of TLC has him happy and thriving today. He turns 9 this October, which also happens to be my birth month. My birthday is on Halloween. I wonder if I could get him to wear a costume?”
Do you have a secret talent?
“My secret talent isn’t such a secret. I’m well known on my old elementary school basketball court. My name is legendary and synonymous with a magical piece of cardboard carried in my backpack. Yes.... my talent is breakdancing! My most famous move is the "Robot" and can adapt it to almost any song I come across. I have also been known to do a pretty decent centipede, but I may be past my prime for that one these days! This reminds me...I need a fresh piece of cardboard!”