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Teacher Doreena Layton


My daughter has attended TVS since she was 18 months old, so when an opportunity presented itself to work here, I was excited to apply.

The overall family atmosphere among teachers is what sets The Village School apart. Their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure students are engaged, learning and happy is amazing. That warm family environment extends out to the families, students, staff and entire TVS community.

I believe every student is unique and learns in their own unique way. As teachers, it is our responsibility to find the method that speaks to each student and teach them accordingly. At TVS, this is encouraged and possible because all the teachers have a vested interest in their students, and are not forced to teach toward a standard test. Our faculty is dedicated to creating innovative STEAM events that connect children to learning. We are proud that TVS is one of the few schools in our area to deliver true project-based learning.

The Village School is a place where I feel the loving support of the staff and faculty each day. This team environment has made all the difference to me over the past four years.

I want families to know what a special setting this is for students. Teachers at TVS have worked hard to make the children’s experience memorable. From creating a Middle School Student Government Association to off campus team building activities to aligning coursework with STEAM initiatives - TVS is committed to the whole child.

As a parent, TVS provides my daughter with different experiences that she would not normally have encountered in public school. Most importantly, our school and teachers have allowed her to build the confidence she needs to survive in the real world.