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Teacher Emily Kaczynski


Five years ago, a neighbor suggested that I apply for a position at TVS. Without any expectations, I came in for an interview and was totally blown away by the feeling I got as I walked around the beautiful campus. The administration was straightforward and supportive, the teachers were smiling, and the students were excited and engaged. I received such a welcoming vibe that I knew I wanted to be a part of this special school.

My philosophy is simple, I believe that children learn best from teachers who care about them, and are passionate about what they teach. At TVS, I am able to connect with my students and create positive relationships with them because of our small class sizes and Responsive Classroom approach.  I am given the freedom to convey history to my students in a variety of ways that allow for multiple learning and teaching styles. I am encouraged to create authentic learning experiences through the use of technology, trips, activities that simulate historical events, and collaboration with other subject areas. This gets me excited as a teacher, because I am able to bring history alive and make it relevant and interesting for my students! As teachers, we given flexibility to teach in so many unique and innovative ways. The TVS STEAM-centered curriculum, focus on multiple intelligences and project-based learning approach all help to create holistic and meaningful learning experiences.

Having taught elsewhere, I know that TVS is not the norm.  Everyone here is truly committed to creating an optimal learning environment, exceptional education, and special experiences for our students each day.  TVS feels like a home and the people here are like family. I am so grateful for all this school provides: I am uplifted to work on a beautiful campus; I am able to create a classroom environment that I feel good to work in; I am blessed to work with amazing people who inspire and support me; I love each of my students and am so grateful for the kids and families in our school community; I am able to be near my children each day to experience their education and growth, which is difficult as a working mother; and, I feel closer to God working in a Christian environment where my values and beliefs are shared and enhanced.

If you are considering The Village School of Naples, know that it truly is a hidden gem. From the moment I toured TVS, I knew that I had to be a part of this amazing environment and that my children would be receiving their education here as well. Come tour our campus and classrooms to see for yourself how special TVS really is.