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Teacher Kristine Haskins


As a member of North Naples Church since I was 16 years old, I have been involved in this close-knit community for most of my life. NNC provided a spiritual foundation for my life, and The Village School of Naples has supported in me in every role I’ve played over the past 17 years by listening, guiding and encouraging me.

When the school first opened in 2000, I was the third teacher hired. I knew I wanted to become part of the school from my experience with NNC and was interested in the brain-based philosophy that the school was planning to implement. I also wanted my son to to have a Christian education. The Village School is unique - we look at the whole child and guide them to learning for a lifetime, not just for a test. We allow students to experience a Christ-centered school environment, where prayer and grace are modeled and encouraged.

My teaching philosophy is based on guiding students to understand the importance of being a lifelong learner, and how to make meaningful connections to each learning experience. When children understand the relevance of what they are doing each day, they are engaged, inspired and motivated to succeed.

It is important to note the unique difference of a TVS education - our commitment to align subject areas together through our STEAM-centered curriculum solidifies the understanding that all learning is connected and has relevance. This approach prepares students for academic success, as well as life success.

After nearly two decades with TVS, I can say that our school cares deeply about children and their education. Teachers and staff support each child as individuals through their journey at TVS.

For me, The Village School has allowed professional and personal growth through the many opportunities both in the classroom as a teacher, and out of the classroom in administrative leadership positions I have held. For my son, his time as a student at TVS helped him develop personally and professionally as well, and as of December 14, 2018, he is a successful college graduate with a bright future and a big heart.

I am thankful and blessed every day to be part of a school that puts students first.