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Teacher Steven Noyes


For 16 years, I taught at a great public school in rural Maine. It was an amazing experience, but even in such a high quality school, something was missing. Upon moving to Florida, the opportunity arose to teach at The Village School, and I jumped at the chance. When you can express yourself and your faith honestly, in a meaningful way, there is nothing better. At TVS, we can pray for others, our country, our families and much more each and every day.

My philosophy is “Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well.” I attempt to show my students the worth in what we do every day, and then expect them to give their best. I enjoy seeing children understand what it means to be a student, how to be responsible, manage their time properly and stay organized. In my class, I define the meaning of being a “MVP,” M-Maintain focus, V-Visualize positive results and P-Perform at a high level.  Learning is truly what you make it, and when students perform at their highest level, they make a positive difference every day.

TVS has people who care about each other beginning with our administration. We treat each other like family and are there for one another when needed. Our school offers plenty of professional development to allow us, as educators, to be lifelong learners.

At The Village School, our STEAM-focused education teaches skills and subjects in a way that resembles real life and integrates how subjects work together. This helps develop diverse skill sets and allows students to grow through exploration and experiences. In addition to a well-balanced curriculum, TVS offers plenty of extracurricular and performing arts opportunities. Every member of our faculty and staff truly cares about every student and has their best interests at heart.

Being a teacher is more than a job, it is a privilege and an honor. When you teach, you have the opportunity to shape young minds, guide them down life’s path, and build their self-esteem. When I teach Christ Skills and Bible lessons, and then see the results in my students, it helps redefine who I am as a Christian and motivates me to be the best I can be as a teacher at TVS.