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Our Mission and Vision

Mission Provide an environment that EMPOWERS and INSPIRES students to think and CREATE solutions to challenges in an ever-changing world.
The Village School uses project-based learning in a rigorous academic environment to enable students to work collaboratively, think critically, and problem solve with purpose, while instilling Christian values in their lives.

Our Statements of Belief

Christ Skills

Students will develop and use life skills based on a personal relationship with Christ.

TVS Christ Skills: 
• Trustworthiness 
• Organization 
• Truthfulness 
• Patience 
• Active Listening 
• Perseverance 
• No Put-Downs 
• Pride 
• Personal Best 
• Problem Solving 
• Caring 
• Resourcefulness 
• Common Sense 
• Responsibility 
• Cooperation 
• Sense Of Humor 
• Courage 
• Initiative 
• Curiosity 
• Integrity 
• Effort 
• Friendship 
• Flexibility

Value Development and Responsibility

Students will learn to continuously evaluate choices and consequences based on their developing values as espoused by their family, church, and teachers.

Value Integration and Affirmation

Students’ integrity, self-esteem, and competence will be enhanced by their positive relationships and mutual respect within the North Naples Church and school community.

Students as Learners

Students will become independent and active learners and critical thinkers.

Safe and Nurturing Learning Environment

Students will learn in a physically and emotionally safe and nurturing environment.

Multiple Learning Styles and Whole Brain Learning

Students will learn using the whole brain and will be engaged in a variety of instructional approaches that support multiple learning styles.

Real World Learning

Students will apply their learning in meaningful and thematic contexts.

Community Leadership

The North Naples Church community of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and leaders share the responsibility for advancing The Village School’s mission to enable students to become academically competent, self-directed, and life-long Christian learners.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate their understanding of essential knowledge and skills, be active in solving problems and produce original work.

Beyond the Classroom

Students will be involved in extracurricular activities that will form valued friendships, build team spirit, instill pride, and encourage community responsibility.