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Strategic Plan

The strategic planning process will provide The Village School community with opportunities to recommit to our core values and to co-create a vision for the school’s future. The full process will involve examining our strengths--with an eye toward leveraging those strengths--as well as identifying areas for growth internally; we will also scan and research the external environment to analyze social, technological, economic, environmental, and political factors that may affect our school. In short, this process is a chance to dream together about ways in which The Village School can continue to grow as an institution and reach new levels of excellence in the years ahead.

We will share the results of the plan in the spring of 2020 and launch the initiatives that grow out of the completed plan in the fall of 2020, in time to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the school.

First page of the PDF file: JoinusinDreamingabouttheFutureofTVS1_1