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Welcome Message

 Dear Prospective Family of   The Village School,

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in The  Village  School. I would like to share with you, parent-to-parent, the    experience of my first visit to our campus as a prospective parent of two students. When my wife and I learned of the potential opportunity     to lead this fantastic school, our first step was to research The Village  School online. What we found were heartfelt   and passionate reviews  on the school’s Facebook page. We knew these were organic and reflective of the school community that we were considering. We then combed through the school’s website and learned more about the mission of the school, which is “to provide an environment that empowers and inspires students to think and create solutions to challenges in an ever-changing world.” The forward-looking mission of The Village School aligns with my educational philosophy, which, in part, is to make real-world learning fun and personalized for each student while preparing students for careers that may not exist today by providing them an environment where they can feel safe to F.A.I.L. (First Attempt In Learning) forward. 

Our journey continued during our first visit to campus. When we walked the halls on campus, we observed overwhelming evidence of what we had read. We saw authentic, real-world teaching and learning occurring in each classroom. It was clear that close personal relationships were happening between the faculty and students. There was a sense of joy and happiness on everyone’s face, which is hard to replicate. It was proof that this is a special place where the students experience the joy of learning.

After we submitted an application, our children shadowed for the day. After we left campus that day, I asked them to tell me about their experiences. My daughter commented that while she was apprehensive at first, she made “a best friend and many other friends.” She also “really loved science!“ My son reported, “It was FUN!” and gave it a thumbs up. The fact that neither of them wanted to leave at the end of that day was proof this is truly a magical place for children. Their feelings about TVS have only grown since that day in 2018 and we consider ourselves Knights For Life! As we learned through the admission process, The Village School is a community that is incredibly welcoming to new families, something that is important as a consideration when relocating to a new school.

Beyond learning in a safe and vibrant environment, the students exercise life skills, which will prepare them for college and beyond. A STREAM-based curriculum based on Whole Brain research and supported by Christ Skills gives the students a solid foundation and preparation for life. 

On this website, you will learn what makes The Village School a fantastic environment for your child. The next step is for you to visit and see it for yourself. I encourage you to tour The Village School of Naples campus soon. I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus.

With gratitude,

Dr. Dennis G. Chapman

Head of School

Dr. Dennis G. Chapman, Head of School