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Each day the hallways and classrooms of The Village School of Naples are filled with activity and student movement designed to create the most dynamic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) educational journey for our students. Employing the use of social-emotional learning and understanding the brains developmental stages of our students, our highly qualified faculty create a progressive curriculum that stimulates the mind and inspires students to think, design and create in all disciplines. It is this practice that sets the Village School apart from more traditional institutions of learning. This fundamental belief and practice, along with the Village School's guiding principles, vision, and mission, create a framework for designing and connecting powerful learning experiences for all Village School students.

Quest For Success

A Clear Path to Success, for Every Year of High School. Quest works with students throughout their high school careers in order to assist them in achieving their highest level of success. Quest advises students in academics, character development, goal setting, personal planning and time management, as well as specialty workshops and tutoring to hone reading, writing, mathematics and test taking skills.

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