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Lower School Curriculum

Our approach to curriculum incorporates the use of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) where teachers use innovative projects, connecting disciplines and showing the significance to our world today.

Students learn to take risks, collaborate, solve real-world problems and engage in project-based learning experiences.

Language Arts

A multi-sensory, integrated curriculum of phonics, reading, grammar, writing and spelling is taught primarily using a program called “Literacy by Design” as well as additional resources. As their skills increase, literature books and writing projects are introduced as well as an increased focus on reading for comprehension and the exploration of different styles of writing. Reading is emphasized both at home and in the classroom. Weekly trips to the library encourage children to choose books outside of their realm of study. Writing skills include narratives, descriptive summaries, expository papers, and functional writing. Students work through the writing process to gain an understanding of what writers experience.


Our math program develops a solid foundation of basic skills while also focusing on real-world application.  Students build an understanding of how math connects to various disciplines, careers and our daily life. Teachers use direct instruction, both small and whole group, technology, games, manipulatives, and independent practice to reach all students and their learning styles.


Students participate in discussions, collaborative activities, and experiments that take them through the scientific method and the engineering design process that cover Earth Space, Physical and Life Sciences.

Social Studies

Social Studies is examined through the Florida Studies Weekly topics. Integrated projects allow children to participate in planning, discovering, researching, and sharing information. Starting on a local level and expanding to United States and World Geography/History, students will learn about maps, states, community, globes, government, presidents, topography, habitats, explorers, and current events. Many of these topics are reinforced through field trips and community resource people.

Jr. Engineering

Students learn the concepts behind how to solve problems using The Engineer Process and the common language engineers use to Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve and Present. Utilizing a mix of high tech materials and/or everyday items, students are encouraged to become an integral team member and turn real world exploration into tangible solutions.


At The Village School, we believe that the study of languages from an early age plays a vital role in preparing students to become engaged global citizens. Our kindergarten through fourth-grade language program equips students linguistically and culturally, to communicate effectively in the world community. Instruction is presented using the whole-brain learning approach with students actively involved from the earliest ages. This is achieved in a safe environment with strong Christian values.

Physical Education

The physical education program offers opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of physical activities, learn the fundamentals of team and individual sports, learn personal fitness skills, and develop healthy lifestyle habits and interests.