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Portrait of a TVS Graduate

A graduate of The Village School of Naples will be an EMPOWERED and  INSPIRED learner that has the ability to think and CREATE solutions to challenges in an ever-changing world.

Characteristics of a Successful TVS Graduate

Creative Critical Thinker

Probes the quality and interconnectedness of ideas and resources for problem-solving, innovation and to satisfy curiosity in an ever-changing world.

Strategic Communicator

Employs active listening and purposeful verbal, non-verbal and written expression of thoughts and ideas.

Empowered Lifelong Learner

Pursues goals and leverages resources with a reflective mindset, persevering and adapting to change as a lifelong learner and contributor.

Engaged Collaborator

Seeks and contributes feedback and varied perspectives on shared work for continuous improvement thus enriching the learning of self and others.

Global Citizen

Relates and contributes to a local and world community through empathy, compassion, cultural fluency and service in the community and beyond.