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Educational Technology

Technology Vision Statement

The Village School of Naples provides students with technology tools and skills that help them navigate in an ever- changing digital world, explore, collaborate, communicate and take risks. The overall goal is for students to have strong foundational skills to use in real world experiences, become lifelong learners and make good choices in navigating in this digital age. The following skills are outlined in the ISTE standards and are part of our vision and mission of graduates from TVS:

  • an Empowered Learner, leveraging technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and demonstrating their learning goals.
  • a Digital Citizen, acting and modeling safe, legal and ethical use of technology at all times.
  • a Knowledge Constructor, using technology to research, evaluate and curate information to find answers, develop ideas and explore real-world problems.
  • an Innovative Designer, to identify and solve problems by creating new solutions.
  • a Computational Thinker, to use data, models and algorithmic thinking to facilitate problem solving.
  • a Creative Communicator, to clearly express themselves creatively through a variety of platforms.
  • a Global Collaborator, to connect and work with learners from a variety of backgrounds and cultures locally and globally.

Responsible Use Policy                                         Device Letter             

If you have any technology questions, please contact

TVS recognizes that a students future and proficiency with technology is essential to a student's future success in academics, the workplace, and lifelong learning. The teachers at TVS enable the students to use technology tools and skills that engage them to be successful through authentic technology integration included in the teachers curricular objectives.

All TVS students will have access to age-appropriate technologies such as Ozobots, Ozmo’s, WeDo Lego Robotics, iPads, Z-Space, Green Screen Technology, laptops, and a new Virtual Reality room. Students in grades 4 through 12 enjoy access to their personally-owned chromebook devices to be used in their classrooms.

TVS upholds a commitment to learning, collaborating with, and using new technologies in an ever-changing technology world for all students. The experiences they receive will be useful in their future as learners and will provide the knowledge to choose devices, technology and media that assist in their educational and social endeavors.