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Upper School

Welcome from the Head of the Upper School

It is an honor to lead the Upper School at The Village School of Naples with a highly capable and charismatic faculty who are committed to providing students the skills and competencies necessary to lead successful and fulfilling lives in the changing landscape across the world today. Growing up as the eleventh daughter in a family of 13 girls laid the very foundation for the desire to be part of a Christ-centered community, as I have found at TVS. Those early years so long ago, and 21 years as an independent school leader in the Midwest have provided me the confidence, yet humility, and desire to connect deeply with the gifted faculty here as soon as we began our work together in early June of 2021 to create engaging and challenging programs that will stretch the very brightest students to think critically and creatively while also supporting those students who benefit from additional programming to strengthen and refine emerging skills. All students, as well as faculty, will be supported and feel the sense of belonging at TVS that is vital to a thriving community.

As The Village School community endeavors to love and learn together successfully, each student further develop their executive functioning skills, self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management skills, as well as complete an expansive college readiness program, so that they are fully prepared for the “reach” college or university they attend, as well as life after TVS. Students’ high school experience with the Quest team is a distinguishing feature on the independent school landscape in Collier County and vital today, as the college landscape is changing dramatically. Students’ days are filled with rigorous academic pursuits as they choose from 70+ courses and 20 AP courses to deeply investigate relevant topics, concepts, and skills. Paired with the founding principles of Christian values and Christ skills, students develop their capacities to lead and make a positive difference in the world while exploring an expansive visual and performing arts program, athletics, and academic clubs to propel them for success at the next level.

At TVS, our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience remains steadfast. With the introduction of the Modular Schedule, we are poised to embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and limitless possibilities for our students, that is aligned with our mission and vision, which is to provide an environment that empowers and inspires students to think and create solutions to challenges in an ever-changing world. You can learn more about the Modular Schedule below.

Thank you for your unwavering support and partnership as we continue to strive for excellence in education.

With Gratitude,

Nikki Sweeney, MSEd, MEdL
Head of Upper School & Assistant Head of School
The Village School of Naples


The Modular Schedule, which has been in existence as a highly successful, research-based academic approach to learning since 1973, has continued to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of students and their educational journey. Through this innovative approach implemented at many other prominent independent schools worldwide, students are empowered to actively shape their educational experience, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement that extends far beyond the classroom.

Our new Modular Schedule invokes the scientific and research-based benefits of a concept called spaced practice. What is spaced practice? Spaced practice is the process of distributing multiple study sessions over a period of time to improve long-term retention. It refers to breaking up the time allocated to study into shorter sessions rather than devoting a large amount of time to a subject in a single sitting. Based on these studies, we know that a Modular Schedule, which invokes a spaced practice, maximizes educational outcomes. Every student has a specific time of day when they are at their best, and their brain is optimized for learning, just like every teacher has specific times of day when they are optimized for teaching. Our new Modular Schedule will rotate, which means that every student will have an opportunity to learn during the time of day when they are at their best. 

What Does The Modular Schedule Entail?

To further acquaint you with the new Modular Schedule and address any questions you may have, we have created a detailed presentation that you can download by CLICKING HERE.