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The Value of an Independent School

The Village School is an Independent School...

Independent schools are governed by their own board of trustees. They are financed by tuition payments, charitable contributions, and the annual fund, receiving no government funding. They adhere to rigorous accreditation standards. What does this mean for parents, students and The Village School?

  • We have the freedom to develop our own one-of-a-kind curriculum, allowing for enormous variety and creativity in teaching, course content, and the ability to tailor and accelerate classes according to the needs of our students.
  • We establish very high standards for faculty based on our educational philosophy as we are not dictated to by state guidelines.
  • We are selective.  We shape our learning community by choosing students and families who place a high value on an excellent education and faculty and administrators who best fit our mission and value.
  • We make the choice to have small class sizes, focus closely on each individual child’s strengths and challenges and foster meaningful relationships between students and faculty.