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Tuition Assistance

Affording The Village School

We strive to maintain an affordable yet appropriate tuition structure and appreciate the financial commitment our parents make to send their student(s) to The Village School.


Tuition Assistance

Florida state scholarships

NOTE: There are two funding organizations for the Florida State Scholarships: Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarship Foundation. If you are applying for TVS Financial Aid, you MUST apply for one of these two Florida State Scholarships. The Application and the Renewal Processes are both now open. These scholarships are available to families of students entering grades K through 12th:

Step Up for Students & AAA Scholarship

As stated above, the Application and the Renewal Processes are both now open. Students will be able to apply for only one scholarship and they must do so if applying for TVS Financial There are two distinct programs: The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities (FES-UA) is for students who are having learning challenges. The second program includes the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Opportunities (FES-EO) and the Florida Tax Credit (FTC). Note that all income requirements for the FES-EO Scholarship have been removed. The HOPE Scholarship will be rolled into the FES-EO program from the 2024-25 school year. (Families already on the HOPE Scholarship should have received communications directly from Step Up)

The Application and the Renewal Processes are both now open for both programs. See 'NEW APPLICANT'  as well as 'RENEWAL APPLICANT' information below:

Select One of Two Florida State Scholarship Options

Academic Scholarships

Performing Arts Scholarships

TVS All-Scholarship Common Application


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