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Our Culinary program gives Upper School students a chance to work under the direction of a certified master chef and gain a hands on understanding of what it takes to run a kitchen. Students will explore and learn from a variety of course offerings that will place students in the driver's seat to understanding the food service industry from kitchen basics to test kitchen which allows students to grow and learn in the culinary field.

Culinary Courses

Culinary Arts: Kitchen Basics (1 semester - Fall/0.5 unit)

This course provides classroom and laboratory experience to introduce the fundamental concepts, skills and techniques in basic cookery, and moist, dry and combination heat. Emphasis is placed on practical experiences including recipe conversion, measurements, terminology, classical knife cuts, safe food/equipment handling and related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate competency in the basic cooking skills used in the foodservice industry.
Prerequisite: None

Culinary Arts: The Art of Baking (1 semester - Fall/0.5 unit)

Cakes, cookies, icing, frosting, piping and sampling…this course covers the “science” behind baking through the study of basic ingredients, techniques, weights and measures, baking terminology and formula calculations. Topics and laboratory experience include yeast/chemically leavened products, laminated/pastry dough, batter, pies/tarts, meringue, custard, cakes and cookies, icings, glazes and basic sauces. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate a basic proficiency in bakeshop applications, and prepare and evaluate a variety of bakery products.
Prerequisite: Kitchen Basics

Culinary Arts: Notable Chefs - Escoffier to Bobby Flay (1 semester - Fall/0.5 unit)

Who was the first notable chef? What chef is credited with the most influence over the culinary world thus far? How can chefs influence culture? This course will take young chefs through the history and influence of several of the world’s most renowned chefs of our time. Students will experience making some of their recipes and tasting the food culture of that time.
Prerequisite: Kitchen Basics

Culinary Arts: Sauces and Stocks - Foundations for Great Cooking (1 semester - Spring/0.5 unit)

Every chef takes great pride in the sauces that transform a good meal into a great dining experience. In this course students are introduced to the use and production of stocks and sauces. From the classic sauces of France to modern salsas, relishes, infused oils, coulis and chutneys students will explore all the diverse expressions of the saucer’s art. Students will produce the five “Mother sauces” using the stocks produced as well as the fundamentals of making clear, thick and nutritional soups. Reductions, finishing methods, pairings and plating techniques will be taught and practiced.
Prerequisite: Kitchen Basics

Culinary Arts: Chocolate Craze (1 semester - Spring/0.5 unit)

Comprehensive hands-on chocolate course emphasizing the techniques necessary to make unique molded chocolate pieces and gourmet chocolate confections. Students experience an introduction to chocolate decorating techniques including tempering, coloring, cutting and using transfer sheets, and working with modeling chocolate. Students will prepare products using different types of chocolate and sample the final products.
Prerequisite: Kitchen Basics

Culinary Arts: Test Kitchen - Baking Edition (1 semester - Spring/0.5 unit)

Testing recipes is a science! In this course students practice taking risks and making mistakes — that's how innovation happens in a test kitchen. The goal of this test kitchen is to rewrite a baking recipe that can easily be replicated at home. Be ready to weigh, measure, and exchange ingredients to transform a tried-and-true recipe into your very own culinary creation for everyone to enjoy.
Prerequisite: Kitchen Basics

Culinary Arts Certificate Program

Students especially interested in the culinary arts may apply for participation in The Village School Culinary Arts Certificate program. To receive the certificate, students engage in a four-year program with emphasis in culinary. The program culminates in the senior year with a final presentation accompanied by the awarding of the certificate. Transcripts will reflect the attainment of the Culinary Arts Certificate. Students striving for national recognition or scholarships can research opportunities using the following link: https://www.chooserestaurants.org/Programs-and-Scholarships
  • Culinary classes for 8 semesters in Upper School
  • Involvement in preparation for special TVS events
  • 80 volunteer hours focused in the food industry
  • Maintain an A average in all culinary classes
  • Senior year presentation before a panel of culinary advisors
  • Cumulative exam of culinary application with an 80% or higher