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Our Culinary program gives Upper School students a chance to work under the direction of a certified master chef and gain a hands on understanding of what it takes to run a kitchen. Students will explore and learn from a variety of course offerings that will place students in the driver's seat to understanding the food service industry from kitchen basics to test kitchen which allows students to grow and learn in the culinary field.


Culinary 1, 2, 3, 4  (1 year/1.0 unit)

Cakes, cookies, icing, frosting, piping and sampling…this course covers the “science” behind baking through the study of basic ingredients, techniques, weights and measures, baking terminology and formula calculations. Students will create a TVS Bakery and blend business and marketing techniques with baked goods.  Topics and laboratory experience include yeast/chemically leavened products, laminated/pastry dough, batter, pies/tarts, meringue, custard, cakes and cookies, icings, glazes and basic sauces. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate a basic proficiency in bakeshop applications, and prepare and evaluate a variety of bakery products.