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Visual Arts

Lower School

The Village Lower Schools visual arts program encourages expressive self directed exploration, facilitating cognitive development and expanding fine motor skills while learning fundamental techniques with diverse media. Introductory studies of artists, and art historically significant periods, encourages an appreciation of the arts that is cultivated and developed, engaging individualized strengths and promoting self confidence. Exploratory projects addressing the principles of design are aligned across the curriculum with an interdisciplinary approach, creating an inspirational environment for young artists to thrive, while also supporting academic success, social, emotional, and overall well being.

Middle School

Expanding upon the principle foundations of fine art and design, students are focused towards developing creative and technical skills, while also integrating reflective analytical assessment, encouraging individual growth and higher order cognitive development. As a STEAM project based learning curriculum school, individual and collaborative art projects immerse the student in a creative learning environment that facilitates self motivation, design and the process of fabrication. Along with traditional studio methods such as drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, the additional integration of new media and current trends in technology promotes a progressive and engaging learning environment, supporting future in depth studies, challenging exploration, and the mastering of skills.
It is important that students continue to experience and explore the artistic aspects of life in middle school, to complement their academic experiences. There is a required music experience in 5th and 6th grade. In 7th and 8th grade students may also select from a variety of electives to complete their requirement in the arts. Middle school students may also choose to broaden their knowledge in a current area of interest or explore and develop new passions with multiple arts choices if the schedule allows.

Upper School

The arts play a pivotal role in the enrichment of our students diverse needs for creative expression. Through the visual arts and photography curriculum, students attain skills that are indispensable to creative fields in the arts and beyond. Our art students are recognized by the Art & Scholastic Awards and The Naples Art Association.
In the classroom, students explore artistic concepts and materials that provide choice and boost self confidence. Visual arts courses allow for concept formation and advancement with one on one student teacher conferences in addition to hands on instruction. We offer an eclectic art program that is blooming with drawing, painting, ceramics, digital art, mixed media, and student centered projects.

Required Classes

All students must complete two years (four semesters) of an artistic class. Courses which satisfy this requirement are Theater Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Culinary Arts and AP Art History. AP Art History is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students who plan to take AP Art History to satisfy the requirement should choose other electives in the freshman year.

Foundations of Art (1 year/1.0 unit)

Students will study and apply the elements of art and the principles of design by creating two- and three-dimensional projects. Students will explore a variety of art materials and techniques used in professional art and will be required to create and respond to works of art that express concepts, ideas and feelings.
Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Visual Arts Stuio 1, 2, 3, 4 (1 year/1.0 unit)

An advanced course that entails an in depth study of art techniques and media. In addition, drawing, painting, mixed media, and three-dimensional media will be studied. Furthermore, students will link art history to their portfolios. This course will involve diverse artistic processes in both individual and group settings. Lastly, students will work closely with faculty to develop an ongoing or culminating area of concentration based on material preferences.
Prerequisite: Departmental Approval

Digital Photography 1 & 2 (1 year/1.0 unit)

This is a beginner’s course designed to introduce digital imagery and computer technology as a medium for artistic expression. Fundamental concepts to be survey include the study of light, time, composition, and subject. Students will develop a strong sense of visual, critical thinking skills while studying the elements of art and principles of design. In addition to acquiring basic photographic skills, students will apply their artistic knowledge to design a school year book.
Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Digital Photography 3 & 4 Portfolio (1 year/1.0 unit)

This course is designed for students who have in depth knowledge in photography and aspire to pursue portfolio development. Students may choose to explore specific technical applications in such as camera settings and or editing software. Other topics include macro photography, time-lapse, action photography, black and white, color, landscapes, light painting, portraiture, elements of art and principles of design, photojournalism, commercial photography, and techniques common to the history of photography.
Prerequisite: Digital Photography 2 or Departmental approval

Fashion Forecasting & Design (1 year/1.0 unit)

This course is for the student that loves style, dreams of designing their own label and/or want to know more about the fashion design business. Students will learn the principles of design, how to analyze, identify, and track fashion trends. They will explore the effect fashion has on the economy and identify their own style. Students will also learn how to draw, render, and illustrate fashion designs.

AP Art 2D (1 year/1.0 unit)

Students will demonstrate mastery through any two-dimensional medium or process, such as graphic design, digital imaging, photography, collage, fabric design, weaving, fashion design, fashion illustration, painting and printmaking. Students will develop technical skills and become familiar with the functions of visual elements as they create an individual portfolio of work for evaluation at the end of the course.
Prerequisite: Foundations of Art, Visual Studio 1 and departmental approval.

AP Art History (1 year/1.0 unit)

Intended to prepare students for the AP examination in art history, the course is a survey of world art from prehistory to the present with a strong emphasis on Western art. Students will develop a vocabulary while studying all major forms of artistic expression including painting, sculpture and architecture within diverse historical and cultural contexts. Image identification, critical analysis and evaluation of both context and aesthetics are emphasized.
Prerequisite: World History CP or Honors and departmental approval.