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Enrichment Programming

TVS Traditional Aftercare and Enrichment Classes 

Enrichment programs at The Village School are cross curricular classes that enhance creativity and learning beyond the school day. Our course selections allow your child to participate in a unique after school experience. The following classes are available during Quarter 1 of the 2019-2020 school year, which runs from August 15- October 11. You can sign up for the traditional aftercare or enrichment classes using the links below. 

TVS Traditional Aftercare:

3:15-6:00pm (M- F during regular school days.) Grades K-8 Starts Thursday, August 15. 

Traditional Aftercare Description: A traditional after school program which includes homework, outside play, centers, and crafts! Supervised by our Aftercare Coordinator Chastity Rivera crivera@tvsnaples.org.

Enrichment Classes

Lower School Visual Arts: 3:30p-4:30pm (W during regular school days) Grades K-5

Ms. Shaw's Classroom- Cherub 330
Miniature 2D/3D Mixed Media Art and more... sculpture, painting and mini food. Famous artists.Tiny art, BIG fun!

Middle School Raw Spa: 3:30p-4:30pm (M during regular school days) Grades 6-8

Ms. Shaw- Cherub 330
An afternoon enrichment class inspired by our specialty workshop. Using natural oils and botanical materials, we'll make natural lip balm, body, and skincare products from healing botanicals, while also creating decorative artistic labels/packaging for our finished products.

Picture Books and Projects: 3:30p-4:30pm(Th during regular school days) Grades K-3

Ms. Belei- Learning Commons
Picture Books and Projects is a literacy-based program for K-3 students.  We will read picture books and work on crafts related to books. Some of our projects may take more than one session to complete.  Students should bring an afternoon snack.

Krafting with Kat: 3:30p-4:30pm (Th during regular school days) Grades 3-8

Mrs. Shimer- LS 249
We will create student-inspired trendy crafts. Your child will draw from their imagination and can follow the design process to produce amazing works of art

Harry Potter Club: 3:30p-4:30pm (W during regular school days) Grades 5-8

Mrs. Kaczynski- WES 803
Did your Hogwarts or Ilvermorny letter get lost in the mail? Have no fear! Come to The Harry Potter Club (HPC) and feel at home in the company of other magical friends. 

The HPC is a club for all things related to the wizarding world!   We’ll dive deeper into the phenomenon that is Harry Potter: books, movies, spells, potions, games, activities, crafts & treats! The HPC will meet each Wednesday in our multi-house common room - 803 in the Wesley Building. All muggles in grades 5-8 are welcome.

American Girl Doll Club with Miss Tish: 3:30p-4:30pm (W during regular school days) Ages 5-12

Ms. Tish- WES 808
Make doll movies, play with dolls, make crafts and dress up! 

Code and Chess Club: 3:30-5:00pm (M during regular school days) Grades K-5

Mr. Glen- Learning Commons
71% of the 500,000 STEAM jobs are based in computer science. Being able to code and understand computer logic is clearly a skill needed in the future. As a member of code and chess club, you will not only have fun with your friend's coding and designing games, you will also learn computer logic and exercise your brain. Join now!

Lego/ Jr Robotics: 3:30p-5:00pm (T/Th during regular school days). Grades K-5

Mr.Glen- Cherub 330
Go, Knights!  Our robotics teams are all about core values, hard work, and working together.  Continue the legacy or Electro Knights, Knights of Legend and Knights of Honor. We compete in the Jr and First Lego League completions to hone our skill but we focus on learning over winning.  Robotics runs all year and the skills build with every class.

Animation and Digital Media: 3:30p-5:00pm (W during regular school days) Grades K-5

Mr. Glen- Learning Commons
Bring your characters to life through the art of animation. Mr.Glen, a professional animator, will walk you through character design and development. You will use tools like photoshop, stop-motion animator, digital cameras, and more. You will explore how to build a strong character and how the character drives your story.

Look at Me!: 3:30p-4:30pm (M during regular school days) Grades K-1

Mr. Eyerly- US Band room 10-129
Children instinctively enjoy imaginative and pretend play.  To children, they are just having fun doing what comes naturally.  In reality, these types of play are integral parts of creativity and learning. Our young thespians will take part in collective storytelling, improvisation, and other drama activities designed to develop speaking and listening skills.  They will build self-confidence and boost social skills by working collaboratively together. All our future actors will be ready to take a bow after this energizing journey of learning through make-believe and excitement.

Improv!: 3:30p-4:30pm (W during regular school days) Grades 2-3

Mr. Eyerly- US Band
It’s acting in an instant! Students will create characters from their imagination, progress the plot on the spot, develop their own dance moves and work as a team to become a quick-thinking improv ensemble. Classes Include: Create a Story, Create a Character, Under the Sea, Pirates and Mermaids, and Mystery Theatre in order to support the Fall 2019 Musical: The Little Mermaid Jr.

Beginning Acting! 3:30p-4:30pm (Th during regular school days) Grades 4-5

Mr. Eyerly- US Band
Beginning at grade 4 and 5, students transition to Acting Technique: each actor will learn to create three-dimensional characters and truthful actions for the stage. Classes utilize theatre games, improvisation activities, and scene work to develop characterization and stories.  Classes will include: Fundamentals of Acting, Improvisation, Scene Study within the classes reading ability. We will also be working on characters to support the Fall 2019 School Musical, The Little Mermaid Jr.