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Enrichment Programming

Enrichment programs at The Village School are cross-curricular classes that enhance creativity and learning beyond the school day. Our course selections allow your child to participate in a unique after school experience. The following classes are available during Quarter 2 of the 2019-2020 school year, which runs from October 15- December 19. You can sign up for the traditional aftercare or enrichment classes using the links below. 

TVS Traditional Aftercare:  3:15-6: 00 pm (M- F during regular school day).  Grades K-8. NOT open to the public. A traditional after school program for TVS students which includes homework, outside play, centers, and crafts! Supervised by our Aftercare Coordinator, Chastity Rivera crivera@tvsnaples.org

Please click here to sign up for traditional aftercare.

Enrichment Classes: Classes start on Tuesday, October 15. OPEN to the public. 15 options to choose from with a variety of talented instructors. 

Please click here to sign up for enrichment classes.

Enrichment Classes

Lower School Visual Arts: 3:30p-4:30pm (W during regular school days) Grades K-5

Ms. Shaw's Classroom- Cherub 330

Miniature 2D/3D Mixed Media Art and more... sculpture, painting and mini food. Famous artists. Tiny art, BIG fun!

Middle School Raw Spa: 3:30p-4:30pm (M during regular school days) Grades 4-8

Ms. Shaw- Cherub 330

An afternoon enrichment class inspired by our specialty workshop. Using natural oils and botanical materials, we'll make natural lip balm, body, and skincare products from healing botanicals, while also creating decorative artistic labels/packaging for our finished products.

Picture Books and Projects: 3:30p-4:30pm (Th during regular school days) Grades K-3

Ms. Belei- Learning Commons

Picture Books and Projects is a literacy-based program for K-3 students.  We will read picture books and work on crafts related to books. Some of our projects may take more than one session to complete.  Students should bring an afternoon snack.

American Girl Doll Club with Miss Tish: 3:30p-4:30pm (W during regular school days) Ages 5-12

Ms. Tish- WES 808

Make doll movies, play with dolls, make crafts and dress up! 

Game, Code and Jr. Chess Club: 3:30pm-5:00pm (M during regular school days) Grades K-5

Mr.Glen and FGCU/ Learning Commons

71% of the 500,000 STEAM jobs are based in computer science. Being able to code and understand computer logic is clearly a skill needed in the future. As a member of code and chess club, you will not only have fun with your friend's coding and designing games, you will also learn computer logic and exercise your brain. Join now!

Lego/ Jr Robotics: 3:30p-5:00pm (T/Th during regular school days). Grades K-5

Mr.Glen - Cherub 330

Go, Knights!  Our robotics teams are all about core values, hard work, and working together.  Continue the legacy or Electro Knights, Knights of Legend and Knights of Honor. We compete in the Jr and First Lego League completions to hone our skill but we focus on learning over winning.  Robotics runs all year and the skills build with every class.

Animation and Digital Media: 3:30p-5:00pm (W during regular school days) Grades K-5

Mr. Glen - Learning Commons

Bring your characters to life through the art of animation. Mr.Glen, a professional animator, will walk you through character design and development. You will use tools like photoshop, stop-motion animator, digital cameras, and more. You will explore how to build a strong character and how the character drives your story.

Trading Card Club: 3:30pm-4:30pm (Th during regular school days) Grades 4-8

Mr. Werab/ WES 804:

In this club we’ll learn how to play and build decks for the Pokemon and YuGiOh! trading card games. Mr. Werab will have some decks to use during club time and members are encouraged to bring in any cards they may already have. We will host in-house tournaments and challenge each other in matches.

Crafts with Mrs. Layton : 3:30pm-4:30pm (W during regular school days) Grades 6-8

Mrs. Layton/ WES 806:

Have you ever wanted to be a DIY-er or Pinterest-er? This is the class for you. Each week we will be making and creating video worthy crafts. You will have the opportunity to use our green screen to video your DIY projects. It's a great time to craft with the great holidays coming up. Come and enjoy the fun!

Jr. Soccer Clinic: 3:30pm-4:30pm (Th during regular school days) Grades K-2

Coach Newman/Playground Field

My goal is to give students a chance to learn some of the fundamentals of the game while having a lot of fun!  I will be setting up a variety of games and drills that will allow the kids to get some exercise while learning soccer. I look forward to bringing my love and passion for the game to the K-2 students of The Village School. 


Math Mania!: 3:30pm-4:30pm (W during regular school days) Grades 3-5

Mr. Tristan/ WES 804 

Here, math meets creativity as we build, draw, design, play, and much more while we expand our knowledge.  Get inspired to think outside the box, and bring math to life on and off the paper.  Each month we'll celebrate a new theme, and look at math ideas through the lenses of science, technology, environment, and art.